UK South East property for sale

Sovereign Quarter

Gillingham, Kent, ME7 2TL

This diverse selection of homes is set in the UK South East, a fabulous location just minutes from the Medway estuary. Designed to be distinctive and yet complement each other, these stylish properties create a superb new living environment. Legal Notice:

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Development on Offer

Name: Sovereign Quarter
Location: Grange Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 2TL
Total Units in Dev: 132
Units on Offer: 5
Reservation Fee: £2000
Sourcing Fee: 2%
Deposit: 5%
Lease: NA
Gr Rent/Service: TBC: (Houses pay an Estate Charge acc to size)
Parking: Yes
Exchange Bonds: Will accept through Zurich
Split Receipts: Yes
Availability: 08.12.08
Completion Dates: (Plots 276 w/e 28.12.07) (271,272 & 273 w/e 18.01.08) (288 is completed)
Stamp Duty: 1%
Assignable Contracts: Only once
Absolute Title: Yes
NHBC / Zurich: NHBC
Any Commercial Aspect: NA

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