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Investment property issues are covered in this section. From buying investment property where you will be shown the fundamentals as to what's required - the old mantra is that the profit is in the purchase price - is explored to financing your property investment where you can determine whether you want an income producing property or whether you will go for capital growth, and then on to looking at the loans and mortgages. Or take a look at the range of

property for sale.

If you are searching for a place in the sun where you can invest safely, in Euros take a peek at Property Investment Tenerife which looks good, especially, for people with aching bones while the living is cheaper and the sun always shines.

Much has been written about problems in the US sub prime market and in investing in property in the USA. As we all know, investments take time to mature but right now there are people investing in those markets and laying some great foundations to future wealth.

investment property

Every investor will appreciate that there is value added at every step of the way in the property ladder. So it will come as no surprise to learn that fees for mortgages will vary as does the level of service. As people buy from people, there is no 'best' way of arranging your finances other than to go by recommendation and what is right for you. AND you will pay for what you get.

To invest in property, you'll need to arrange your finances whether they are mortgages or property loans you need to be in a position to be able to invest ie be liquid at the right times, you'll need to have planned your investments according to your own goals and you'll need to be patient enough to know when to take profits. It's all about making money, paying the taxman at the right time, using your capital allowances as well as maximising your return on capital. Building a huge property portfolio only to have a huge CGT liability, only means huge taxes. This site will not advise on Income tax, SIPPS or capital gains tax liability or Taper relief but we can refer you here for more information. It's very cost effective!

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So planning your investment property portfolio is very important but as you'll see, it's all about being set up properly.

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