Mortgage UK

Mortgage UK is a popular search term and is more often written this way. However, dealing with UK mortgages is a very complex subject and is subject to the Financial Services Act. This site acts purely as a great signpost to those investors looking to profit from property, so if you're looking for the best buy to let mortgages , they'll most likely be here.

It's recognised that raising money to make investments from the equity in your home is the easiest way forward and to do this, refinancing would be needed. Having said that is not a licensed credit broker nor registered under The Financial Services Act and will not give advice - that has to be left to you as private individuals or to take advice from a properly qualified financial adviser.

However, Frequent Finance can do all the above and Mark's a friend of mine!

The mortgages that are discussed here at IPF relate to the types of investment mortgage that are appropriate to the investment property industry and related to what is usual for the rest of the market. It is not proposed that all mortgages are discussed as that is for a more generalist site.

Most mortgages in the UK are remortgages where landlords are looking for refinancing to withdraw equity to fund existing properties voids or to buy more property. Most remortgage quotes are generated by the existing lender through the existing broker and with investment property mortgage rates always in a state of flux it's always a good idea to shop around. Here's our mortgage calculator to help you assess your needs.

Of course, whilst mortgage finance is always the cheapest way you can finance properties, there are times when secured loans are also a good option - although not recommended in the long term. It should be remembered that interest rates and inflation vary according to the risk and reward for the property investor as well as the banks.

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