Refinancing your properties generally occurs to release additional capital for either further investment, or to finance your lifestyle! Either way the mortgage companies would love to hear from you - this is their bread and butter and an opportunity for the investor to negotiate DOWN the mortgage company's fee! There are many many more remortgages than new mortgages, as the deals run out on the previous mortgage and if you want to avoid paying the standard variable rate, then you will have to re-finance.


Generally, this is your opportunity to take out the equity that's built up in your property by remortgaging. The beauty of financing in this way means that you'll always be taking out the under employed equity that's built up as a result of property price inflation, and to be able to reinvest, tax free.

For those investors that fund their rental losses in the expectation of future capital gains, this is an exercise that you'll do every two to three years so as to release funds to stay liquid.

Remortgaging - this is the ultimate property investor's dream!

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