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Property for sale offered through Investment Property Financing (IPF) has been sourced through third parties as we are not a developer yet ;-)

As properties are offered to us through a number of sources, there are a variety of different ways that you will see the results - sometimes you'll have to contact us directly whereas with other links, you'll be redirected to another site.

Property for Sale

Broadly speaking and as a UK site, we try to cater for our UK audience. And as most people know, we are in the worst property period for quite some years but as we also know, there are many bargains to be had. Some properties sell very quickly and currently BMV properties are doing very well and these are sourced through a number of specialist companies.

Buying properties overseas is also popular as not only can they be relatively cheaper than UK properties but financing can be more easy to come by abroard.

We've tried to keep things in date order as much as possible so that you'll only see the newest properties first.

UK Properties available

Please note that for the purposes of the Property Misdescriptions Act, IPF is not an estate agent and acts purely as an affiliate for marketing purposes only. Property for sale on this site is offered by third parties . We take reasonable care to ensure that the particulars are accurate but cannot be held accountable for any errors or omissions. This site always recommends that if you are not sure whether to proceed with any transaction that you seek the appropriate financial advice from a properly qualified independent adviser.

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