Investment Mortgage

An investment mortgage is simply a mortgage for a buy to let property. Indeed, where any asset that requires a mortgage when an investor has made investments are investment mortgages.

These mortgages are used for buy to let properties, commercial offices and other asset backed investments. Their rates vary in line with the Bank of England base rate.

Generally most Financial Advisers - independent or tied - will say that they specialise in the sourcing and provision of these mortgages. The


mortgage brokers will advise and assist Landlords and they have excellent relationships with all lenders and will negotiate the most competitive finance at every opportunity. They will have access to hundreds of lenders, and thousands of mortgages and re-mortgages.

They will take care of the endless chasing and paperwork, making the process as hassle-free as possible and when pushed can take mortgage applications through from sign-up to offer within a week.

When the right team is in place they can help many landlords build up their portfolios from their first investment property to over a hundred.

The range of funding for residential investment properties has increased dramatically over recent years. By looking at your overall situation, the financial advisers will be able to arrange your mortgage requirements and structure them in the best possible way, to allow for future portfolio expansion.

These mortgages can be covered for all situations, including:

• Individuals or Limited companies
• Portfolio and single properties
• Properties converted into flats
• Students and DSS Tenants
• Company Lets
• Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)
• Ex Local Housing Authority properties
• Properties in Trusts
• Expatriate Landlords
• Flats above Commercial properties
• Self-Certification of income
• Council & Housing Associations tenants
• Interest Only option
• Auction purchases
• Mortgages and Remortgages
• Adverse credit, CCJs, IVAs, previous Bankruptcy

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