Apartments for rent in Manchester

Apartments for rent in Manchester are usually in demand and especially so in the city centre. For those looking to rent an apartment, there are a number of factors to consider: whether you'll be taking the apartment by yourself or would you be sharing? how will the lease be held? what about my tenancy deposit, what's it going to cost me? what are my rights and obligations?

The above by no means exhaustive list, will be answered by your letting agent so it's important to pick the right one. Now an agent should be impartial to both the landlord and tenant and it's important to know who will be managing the property if there is a problem with any of the services or if something goes wrong at or to the property. After all the tenant has a right to enjoy the property as if it is their own but that's not to say that they can abuse the rights of those around them or not behave in a 'tenant like manner'.

Letting agents will usually charge prospective tenants a fee for registering with them and will take a deposit on a property that they are interested. It is at this time that the letting agent would inform the landlord that he has received an offer and that the tenants would like to move in on a certain date. Prior to moving in the tenants would pay the first months rent in advance and also a security deposit which will be held in a government approved scheme to ensure that the landlord does not run off with your money and is held pending the return of the property in a satisfactory condition.

The following Manchester letting agents are the ones that work in the best interests of both the landlord and tenant when seeking apartments for rent in Manchester:

Martin and Co

Thornley Groves

Philip James
Jordan Fishwick

All these agents do a great job: their property management is spot on, the collection of rent is timely, their paperwork is clear, fair and unambiguous and most importantly, the way in which tenants and landlords are communicated with are concise and clear where there are no misunderstandings.

Most professional landlords want professional property managers to run their affairs and they would rather take £20 less per month for a good tenant that's going to stay and look after their property rather than have a continual turnover of tenants to get the last £20 out of the market: after all it's all about reducing the void periods, having tenants stay for a longer period of time ( cutting out the finders fee that's charged to landlords) and generally having less stress. Tenants who abuse landlords and damage property or run off without paying their rent will get poor references from letting agents which will reduce their chances of getting another let through a fair and equitable letting agent and their clients the landlords.

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