Inventory Software

Inventory software has been designed by a number of organisations to aid the property investor with their financial and lettings business. Like most businesses, property investment requires an assiduous attention to detail and an awareness to help you manage your cash flow. Of course, with a few properties, it is pretty easy to manage this purely on a spreadsheet but with probably more than 4 properties, unless you're organised, your affairs will soon get out of hand.

Some versions of software are free if you swap your details and personal information in return for using a site's free software tools. Other types of software are pure stand alone, need to be paid for versions that may have originated as a spin off from an accounting package. IPF works with Wild Rabbit software.

Of course, professional / letting agent software is designed for that type of business and would not take into account the needs of the investors tax affairs. When dealing with tax, there are some very good books which generally are much less expensive compared to having to pay for an accountant. IPF works with the Tax Cafe for great value for money tax books.

IPF can make available to any investor a simple spreadsheet which which will help prepare them for their tax returns. Rather than explain it, please complete the form below and we'll willingly send you a copy.

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