Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculator tools are available as below. These free tools have been originated in the USA and therefore have a US bias towards their mortgage industry. It would be wonderful if some independent UK mortgage tools could be made available to Investment Property Financing - please contact through our contact form.

This very basic tool allows you to work out a repayment mortgage over time. Many Investors will know this already but what it is felt that they are looking for are:
1. An integrated 'decision tool' that should tell them whether an investment property is viable or not ( is this property going to make money over time, factoring in capital growth and rent and mortgage payments) and
2. An annual Profit and Loss chart per property that will allow them to show the Inland Revenue their income and expenditure for the period / year.

If this is the case, please contact me to request these FREE tools and you'll receive a few Excel spreadsheets by return, that'll help you in these areas.

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