Planning Permission

Planning permission is administered by local authorities. Localpolicies are set out as specified in the Development plan. Currently planning permission lasts for three years and exists in three different forms.

First, Outline planning permission gives consent to develop the land. The permission must indicate the use for the site, the amount of development, plans for the site layout, access and maximum height width and depth of any building. There must also be a Design and Access statement displaying the principles used for the development.

Planning permission

Second, Detailed Planning Permission, properly referred to asApproval of Reserved Matters. This clarifies the final details of the proposed development whhich should include the layout, scale,appearance, access and sceme landscaping. Work must commence within two years from the date of grant.

Third, Full Planning Permission rolls together outline and detailed planning permission. This permission lasts for three years. It's useful to remember that once a project has been started that the planning permission won't lapse as you've already started the project.

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