Wealth Creation

Wealth creation has to start from within and personal motivation has a great deal to do with generating wealth. But, isn't wealth creation the same as building wealth I hear you ask? Hm. I thought so too although although the hair splitters might disagree.

This is more about educating and informing others as to how to create their wealth, whereas building wealth is an 'active' process that is done by the entrepreneur or investor. Sure, some would see this as the same thing.

Any wealth creating systems would help people learn and gain knowledge so that they could take steps to make themselves wealthy - those providing the systems, won't necessarily be doing the wealth building for their customer unless there's something in it for them!

Wealth Creation

So some examples of these systems would be any kind of 'knowledge transfer' such as franchising, investment clubs, including property investment clubs, investment and business concepts (eg trading in equities, futures including traded options) and good old fashioned education.

Here's something that's been found to be motivational: "Last week I joined up to this guy’s “Quit The Day Job” email series. I have been hanging off each email since. There is a whole load of inspiring stuff in it especially where he identifies how his time when he did have a job was spent thinking about TIME! Rushing to get to work on TIME, wishing time to pass

fast during work and slowing down after work. Great stuff. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about finding that true vocation…… Go there now!

Years ago, Francis Bacon said that ' Knowledge is Power' and a previous Prime Minister had said that his priority was 'Education, Education, Education' for the same reason.

Without Knowledge and Education, there would never be any created wealth.

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