Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a term for a service that is generally used by these companies, (banks, investment banks and others) who provide

services for those with money to help them make more money. Money is a commodity, much like beer and spirits, oil, groceries, etc AND property - all these physical commodities need managing.

The usual thing here is that fees are earned by those providing the advice and whilst they may not actually be helping you really earn money, they will help you look after it and charge you a bit for the pleasure.

wealth management

The amazing thing is though that whilst these companies won't want to know you when you're starting out, everyone wants to be your friend once you've got money in the bank!

When investing in property and building a portfolio, there are many companies who can help you with this such as Baron Properties, Urban Investor and Arkle Properties. These guys want to be able to earn their commission by selling more property to you!

Generally the investment property companies in the buy-to-let market will help those if they want to buy one property or hundreds. Managing wealth is based on the premise that if someone makes you enough money, then you'll come back for more with some of the profits. And the reason for this is simple - the company is earning their fee. It's a two way street and the idea is that those who can help those with some money make more money for them and themselves.

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